Snowflakes Stitch-A-Long
Snowflakes Stitch-A-Long
Snowflakes Stitch-A-Long

Snowflakes Stitch-A-Long

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A while ago I had a number of requests for Snowflakes, so even though, here in the UK, we are in the middle of Summer.......the next sal is indeed Snowflakes.

This is a 7 part SAL which has an immediate start and ends on the 8th October 2021.

There is a full wreath design which contains 13 snowflakes but each release will ALSO contain each snowflake as a individual chart in it's own right, so not only will you have the wreath design, you will also have 13 separate snowflake designs too, which would be great for cards or tree ornaments etc.

So, you will actually end up with 14 complete patterns!

The cost is a one off cost which includes all future parts.


  • There are a few fractional Backstitch in the wreath design so I recommend stitching over 2 eg. 28ct over 2.
  • The snowflakes themselves do not contain any fractionals, just full backstitch.
  • The central cross stitch design is just full cross stitch (no fractionals)


  • The wreath design is : 141 x 140 stitches (10" on 14ct/28ct over 2)
  • The Individual snowflakes range from 34 x 34 to 50 x 50 stitches


There are 11 colours in the wreath, and each snowflake is just one colour.


The 2nd part is available immediately upon purchase and contains everything from part 1 and part2. The 3rd  part will be available on Friday 13th August with all remaining parts then being emailed fortnightly on a Friday after that.

PART 3 - 13th August
PART 4 - 27th August
PART 5 - 10th September
PART 6 - 24th September
PART 7 - 8th October

If you join after any of the dates above you will be sent the most recent file immediately ie. if you decide to join in on the 18th August, you will recieve everything up to and including part 3 immediately and then parts 4, 5,6 & 7 on the dates stated above.

If you prefer to purchase when you can see the whole design, this will be available as a complete chart once the SAL is finished ie on the 8th October.

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