As ever I am running another year long FREE Stitch-A-Long for 2022...Yay ! 

There is comfort with a lack of change, and, as we are still in turbulent times, I decided to allow this years sal to be very similar to the last two years so that it feels like an old friend you can rely on.

It is a bit of a gamble as it maybe a bit same-y for some of you but I am hoping that this will further allow you to explore your creative sides, as it has dawned on me that the best bit about these SALs is you all seeing each others creations, not mine. So, I have kept my ego in check and just put in a little of me, leaving room for a whole lot of you!

This year the weeks are all the same size, allowing for you to put them wherever you would like, create your own layouts easily and, as ever, bowl us all over with your creative colour palettes and borders. 

I am hoping that whilst we all stitch the 'same thing' each week, our creations are all totally individual... Different borders, layouts, colours etc  

One thing that is exciting this year though is that there is a choice of fillers each week. The standard Blackwork Version, and a Blackwork & Cross Stitch Combo Version, and you can choose one or the other, or do both or a's all your choice.

Like previous years, there will be a '2022 SAL Members Area' which will contain everything you need and will be available right here on the website in easily organised sections.

So, interested in participating ? 

Yes I'm In - Show me the Details.....

The information below is laid out in the following order, but you can click to go straight to any of the specfic sections:



On the 27th December the SAL will go LIVE at which point the Members Areas and Layout and Border charts will all be made available.

There are two free layouts provided, and each has two colour options and two free borders. The borders, as ever, can be found in the Members Area once the SAL is live....this will be on the 27th December 2021

THE Members Area will contain:

  • 2 FREE Layout Options 
  • 4 FREE Border Options (2 per layout)
  • 2 Colour options (Thread Packs available: Click here, however the colours required have been reduced since last year to just 9 so that it is easier for you to source your own if you prefer)
  • Blank Colour Maps for you to jot down your own colour plan (you do not have to follow mine)
  • One Page Mobile versions of the layout and Borders
  • Charts will be released weekly (both here and on facebook) and at the end of every month a summary chart will be provided. As in 2021, individual week charts will be removed after the monthly summary file is released.
  • Weekly Charts will be released every wednesday (no surprise there eh!?) in both the Facebook group and here on the website.

You can design your own layout if you wish, or follow either of the two provided, however, if you are after more layout/border options and immediate access to the Members Area (once the SAL is live) then there is also an *optional* Companion Pack which offers a further 6 layouts, which all have 2 borders each and a full font. You can read more about this further down...

If you would like to have access to the Members Area once the SAL is live, please click the big Green 'Request to Join' button below and I will get your access set up so that once the SAL is live you have immediate access 


All requests will be aimed to be approved within a few working days, but please be patient as there is only one of me.


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This year, I have provided, as an OPTIONAL extra, a futher 6 layout options - they all come with 2 borders each (one even has a full font too!) and they all still use the same two colours palettes as the free layouts.

Purchasing the Companion Pack will give you access to a whole new Members Area and this will contain:

  • 6 additional Layout options
  • 12 additional Border options (2 per layout)
  • 1 full cross stitch font - for use with border 7
  • Immediate Access, to the Members Area once it is live (you will need to log into your account using the same email address (Click to create Account)).
  • All Charts will all be available all year - both monthly summary, and individual weekly charts

All of the Borders and Layouts will also be emailed to you in a Zip file once the SAL is live.


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So you can start to decide which layout and border combination you would like they are all here. When the SAL is live, each Layout Pack (one per layout) will have the thread colours and material info in it too.




LAYOUT 1 : 119 x 119 stitches

With Border 1 = 139 x 139
With Border 2 = 143 x 143




    LAYOUT 2  : 119 x 99 stitches

    With Border 1 = 129 x 109
    With Border 2 = 143 x 123

      LAYOUT 3 - in the Companion Pack


      LAYOUT 3  : 99 x 119 stitches
      With Border 1 = 123 x 147
      With Border 2 = 125 x 145

        LAYOUT 4 - in the Companion Pack


        LAYOUT 4 : 119 x 119 stitches
        With Border 1 = 143 x 143
        With Border 2 = 131 x 131

          LAYOUT 5 - in the Companion Pack


          LAYOUT 5  : 119 x 139 stitches
          With Border 1 = 131 x 151
          With Border 2 = 121 x 141

            LAYOUT 6 - in the Companion Pack


            LAYOUT 6 : 119 x 119 stitches
            With Border 1 = 133 x 133
            With Border 2 = 133 x 133

              LAYOUT 7 - in the Companion Pack


              LAYOUT 7  : 139 x 159 stitches
              With Border 1 = 163 x 183
              With Border 2 = 161 x 181

                LAYOUT 8 - in the Companion Pack


                LAYOUT 8 : 99 x 119 stitches
                With Border 1 = 127 x 147
                With Border 2 = 123 x 145

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                  Your Material Size can be Calculated by jotting down the Layout and border that you like above, noting the stitch count and then Clicking here  to enter your material count etc. but if easier once the SAL is live this information will also be on the front page of the layout you choose. 

                  Please don't forget to allow room for any stitched borders, as well as material for framing

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                  For 2022 you only need 9 thread colours - there are Thread Packs available - Click here, but I hope that the fewer colours means that it will be easier for you to source your own. As ever, you can also choose you own.

                  There are two colour pallettes (each only using the 9 colours).

                  • If doing the Blackwork Fills version you will need 3m of each colour and 4m of 310/Black
                  • If doing the Blackwork & Cross stitch Fills version you will need 5m of each colour and 4m of 310/Black

                  If you prefer to print a list please Click Here to download it























                  If this all sounds overwhelming, and you struggle to make decisions, I recommend you do the Blackwork fillers on layout option 1 on 14ct material. I appreciate that all of the information above is a lot to take in, but I promise, once we get going it will all become clear.

                  So that's it - I hope you are excited and not to 'bored' by the rectangles and really hope you join in.

                  I look forward to seeing how you all get on.


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                  Peppermint Purple reserves the right to remove free & paid access if file sharing, or copyright breaches occur.