SAL Members Borders

Please note that these borders were originally created for the 2020 sal and so the layout of the sections inside is NOT the 2021 layout - please refer to the layout pack for the 2021 Layout

One thing I was not prepared for with the 2020 Blackwork SAL (apart form the number of participants!) was quite how creative you would all be, and how much YOUR creativity would become part of the life of the project. It is truly inspiring to see how this has evolved. 

A number of stitchers have created their own borders and are happy to share those designs, and so I am delighted to offer them on their behalf, for you here. 

Big thanks to all the contributers who have generously offered their patterns below.

This SAL now has a life of it’s own and it amazing to see so many of you enjoying this !

If you would like your border added, then please Contact Me

TO DOWNLOAD - Just click on the image or title of the border you would like.

FROG BORDER - Designed By Mae Ferguson

2020 BORDER - Designed By Jessica Misner

MERMAIDS BORDER - Designed By Red Walker

 The bottom ....

2020 BORDER - Designed By Alison Armstong

Floral BORDER - Designed By Sanne Van Bragt

Art Deco BORDER - Designed By Sarah Priestly

2020 Border - Designed By Stacey Hall

Helix Border - Designed By Anne Jay

Flower Border - Designed By Pauline E Thorson

Knot Border - Designed By Elizabeth Woolston

8 Knot Border - Designed By Elizabeth Woolston



Ivy - Designed by Blair Alexandria


Art Deco - Designed By Lisa Hoshowsky

All the borders above have been submitted by SAL Facebook Group members and are not afflilated with Peppermint Purple, nor does Peppermint Purple hold any copy rights over these charts, and or images. All rights are retained with the stated authors. No copyright infringement intended.
If you believe any copyright has been violated, please contact me with the details and the content will be immediately removed.