Stitch-A-Long Dates

Here is a list of important dates if you are participating in the 2022 or 2023 Free Peppermint Purple Blackwork Stitch-A-Long.

I have colour coded the SALs for you so that this is a little clearer;

2022 is RED and 2023 is GREEN:


8th December

  • Club Members will be able to access the 2023 Members area for the free layouts

15th December

  • The 2023 Free Layouts (2 layouts, with 2 borders each) will be released in the Members Area and in the Facebook SAL group. To request access to the Members Area in advance CLICK HERE. Click Here to join the facebook group
  • All filler files up to the end of November will be removed from the Facebook Group. They will be available in the Members Area to complete your stitch.
  • Purchasing the 2022 Companion Pack after this date will no longer grant access to the Companion Pack area (you will obviously receive all the layouts and borders, but there will be no access to the weekly files) ie. If you wish to have access to the 2022 Companion Pack area then you must purchase before this date.

28th December

  • The last week, Week 52 of the 2022 SAL will be posted along with the monthly summary file. The summary will be available until the 6th Jan on facebook and 1st April in the Members Area. 

1st Jan 2023

  • You must have requested access to the 'Members area for 2022' by this date - there will be no access requests granted after this date. You can CLICK HERE FOR IMMEDIATE ACCESS

3rd Jan 2023

  • All 2022 files will be removed from the facebook group. the only way to access them after this date is from the '2022 Members Area' or by purchasing the charts.

4th Jan 2023 

  • Week 1 2023 released, and as normal, subsequent weeks will be released at 8:30am gmt every Wednesday - these will be released in the Members Area and on Facebook.

1st April 2023

  • The '2022 Members Area' will be removed from the website, so please make sure you have downloaded everything you need by then. The only way to access anything for 2022 after this date will be to purchase the chart.


1st July 2023

  • 2022 COMPANION PACK Members Area will be removed.