Egg Wreath Stitch-A-Long
Egg Wreath Stitch-A-Long
Egg Wreath Stitch-A-Long
Egg Wreath Stitch-A-Long
Egg Wreath Stitch-A-Long
Egg Wreath Stitch-A-Long

Egg Wreath Stitch-A-Long

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This is a 4 part SAL which has an immediate start and ends on the 26th March 2021, just in time for Easter.

The cost is a one off cost which includes all future parts.


The whole design is : 123  x 124  stitches

On 14 count this measures: 8.79x8.86 Inches (22.32x22.5cm)
On 16 count this measures: 7.69x7.75 Inches (19.53x19.69cm)
On 18 count this measures: 6.84x6.89 Inches (17.36x17.5cm)
On 20 count this measures: 6.15x6.2 Inches (15.63x15.75cm)
On 22 count this measures: 5.6x5.64 Inches (14.21x14.32cm)

I normally run mystery SALs but I am aware that lots sit back and see how the parts develop to decide whether to join in or not, and as Easter will soon be upon us, I feared that those deciding to join later on would then not have time to complete the stitch, so with this one you can see how the final design will look.

Part 1 contains the Layout, the chosen centre motifs and a free font so that if you wanted to you could write anything you wanted in the middle. It also contains Eggs 1 & 2.


The Easter design uses 23 colours

The Chicken design uses 25 colours

The key included has the thread details for the whole completed SAL.


Easter: There are no fractional back stitches. There are fractional cross stitches on the lettering

Chicken: There are no fractional stitches, just full cross stitches and backstitch.


The parts will be delivered via email, on a Friday, every two weeks as follows:

  • PART 1 - Immediately delivered upon purchase
  • PART 2 - 26th February 2021 - Eggs 3,4,5
  • PART 3 - 12th March 2021 - Eggs 6,7,8
  • PART 4 - 26th March 2021 - Eggs 9,10,11

If you join after any of the dates above you will be sent the most recent file immediately ie. if you decide to join in on the 1st March you will recieve everything up to and including part 2 immediately and then parts 3 & 4 on the dates stated above. 

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