How do I change my payment details

If you would like to update your credit card or view your membership that can be done by clicking Here.

Can I transfer my Membership

No, unfortunately memberships are not transferable.

It looks like I have two memberships, but one is free?

If you have taken out a membership which pays less frequently than once a month, then you may spot that you have 2 memberships, one of which is free. This additional free membership is nothing to worry about and something I have set up so that your monthly club freebies are emailed to you behind the scenes (otherwise you would only get them when your membership renews).

How Do I Cancel

You will be able to cancel from your Account after the first 3 months. From the Club Members Area Click on the Membership button and you will then see a cancellation button on that page.


My Membership has renewed but the freebie was not on the email.

If you pay monthly then the freebie link should be on the email, but if not please contact me.

If you pay for more than a month at a time, then there is an additional mechanism behind the scenes that has to trigger the monthly file send, this waits for a response from the payment which normally takes a few hours so the freebies are set up to send the next day. If you have not received this within 24hours, please contact me

I don't seem to have last months freebie?

As with all pdf charts, you can log into your account and download them from your personalised Welcome page, click on the purple 'Download Previous Orders' then the order number and then scroll to the bottom of the page for the download links.

Can I have the freebie the day it is revealed?

These are unveiled on the 20th of each month, and they will be emailed to you a month after you join/your last freebie. 

If you believe this has not arrived please contact me asap.

If you would like it emailed on the day it is revealed, please fill out this form and I can change this for you.



My purchase doesn't look discounted?

Please make sure you are logged in under the same email you are a club member on.

The discount is only visible in the Checkout Page (where you enter your address). It is not visible on the chart pages or the Cart.

If the discount is still not automatically being applied then once you have logged in (the email address must be the one you have joined the club on) then enter the discount code CLUB at the checkout.

What does the discount cover?

This covers everything excluding Gift Cards, the club membership itself, and any shipping costs eg. It is applied to all Pdfs, Kits, Needle Minders, Coasters, SALS etc