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The Peppermint Purple SAL Guarantee

Ok, so that's a grand title, but what does it mean?

Recently covid hit our household, and it got me wondering; What would happen to the SALs that I am running and all the stitchers participating in them, should something happen to me mid-SAL ?

So I have created this 'Guarantee'...

EVERY Stitch-A-Long I run now has an associated Member's Areas with pre-scheduled, automatic, SAL chart uploads; What that means is that for every Stitch-A-Long I run, both paid and free, all of the files will become available in the specific 'SAL Member's Area' on the release date, even if something has happened to me in the meantime, and they can be immediately downloaded from the Members Area so that you can finish your stitch.


I am hoping that this gives you a little confidence that, no matter what, you will be able to access the full chart in order to complete your stitch.



The criteria for access to the specific Member's Area is:


  • You must have purchased the SAL
  • You must be signed into your customer account under the same email as the order.


  • You must have set up free customer account and be signed in.
  • You must have been granted access to the Member's Area
  • You must subscribe to my Newsletter


If you have any problems logging into the Members Area please Contact Me