There are now three Tiers available for the Peppermint Purple Club !

If you have heard of Patreon, then this is my little version of that

I thought long and hard about whether setting up a club was right for Peppermint Purple and you; But, I decided that I have some amazing customers and you need to be rewarded. So, if you join the club, not only will you have a nice warm feeling that you are enabling me to continue to produce patterns and free SALs for everyone, but you will also get some amazing Benefits.

All memberships come with Priority Support (via the Club Members Area), savings on all orders*, and Immediate access to all the currently running FREE Sal Members Areas (rather than having to wait for me to set you up!)

To join plese just click on the membership tier above that you are interested in for more details.

I am incredibly grateful to anyone and everyone who joins the Peppermint Purple Club; Your support means everything to me.

*Excluding Gift Vouchers

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How often will I be Charged?

You will be charged monthly (on the same day of the month that you joined)

If you opted for the monthly subscription. 3/6/12 months will be charged at those intervals (on the same day of the month that you joined)

Can I transfer my Membership

If you wish to transfer to a different Tier then please contact me via thePriority Support form in the Members Area.

Unfortunately memberships are not transferable to other stitchers.

Can I Cancel my Membership

Yes !

All Memberships can be cancelled at anytime after the initial 3 months.

If you pay every 3/6/12 month, and cancel mid-contract, then eligibility for discounted orders will be revoked immediately.

The Club Freebies will however be emailed until the period paid for for Gold Members.

If you wish to cancel before the first 3 mths are this will be allowed in certain circumstances, please request using the Cancellation Form as I will need to action this for you.

When can I cancel my membership

Bronze and Silver can be cancelled at any time.

Gold has a minimum of 3 months before you can cancel. After 3mths you can cancel at any time. This is because the monthly membership fee is cheaper than the cost of the Pre-Order option of the current club Freebie ie the freebies offered are always of a higher value than the monthly membership cost. So this discourages anyone from signing up just in order to get that chart at the membership price for just 1 month.


What does the Discount Cover

This covers everything excluding Gift Cards and any shipping costs. eg. All Pdfs, Kits, Needle Minders, Coasters, SALS etc

How much is the Discount?

All Club members receive a minimum of 5% discount on orders. Silver and Gold Members receive 10% off.

How do I access the discount?

The discount will automatically be applied for you in your cart. However if for any reason it does not, please make sure you are logged in on the same email address and enter BRONZE, SILVER or GOLD (depending on your membership tier), as the coupon at checkout. If the code is not accepted, please check you are using the correct tier code for your membership, and if it still does not work, please contact me via priority support in the Club Members Area.


When are the Freebies Released

These are unveiled on the 20th of each month, and they will be emailed a month after you join/your last freebie. 

What If I have already bought the design that is this month Club Freebie?

If you are new to the club, then is not possible. All of the freebies are brand new designs released exclusively to Club Members for the month that they are the Club Freebie.

If you were on Bronze or Silver and wish to upgrade and have already bought this months design through the "Early Access Benefit", then please contact me via the Priority Support form in the Club Members Area.

I love this months freebie, can I just buy that on it's own instead of joining the Gold Club?

Yes - all the Gold Club Freebies are offered as Pre-Order charts, however the charts offered are always of a higher value than the cost of the monthly membership.

If you are a Bronze or Silver Member you can buy the 'Pre-Order' immediately as a club benefit and with your order discount too directly from the Club Members Area !

Can I share the Freebies?

No, sorry, as with all my patterns, sharing is not allowed.