2024 SAL FAQs

Is this free like last year?


There are optional extras, but you do not need to purchase anything to complete the Stitch-A-Long

How do I join?

You are already in the Members Area and so you need to do nothing more.

Where do I start?

  1. Go back to the SAL Members Area and Click on the Free Layouts Button.
  2. Download your layout choice
  3. Come back each week to download the Weekly Fillers (also found in the SAL Members Area)

Do I need to join the Peppermint Purple CLUB or buy a companion pack to participate in the SAL?

No - both of those are optional. 

What is the Peppermint Purple Club?

This is not related to the Free Stitch-A-Longs I offer, but you will see it mentioned. It is a paid membership club I offer with free patterns monthly and discounted purchases; details can be found by clicking here.

You DO NOT need to be a Club member to participate in the SAL.

Can I do the Last years SAL?

Previous years Stitch-A-Longs are all available to purchase here


The files are free, so I can share them correct?

No, this is not correct.

All Peppermint Purple Files, free or not, are protected by copyright and are not to be shared with anyone, under any circumstances.

I am considering joining the Facebook group, but what are the group rules?

These can be found by Clicking Here


Are they free ?

Yes there are 2 free layouts

Where are they?

These are available in the 2024 SAL Members Area

What count material is recommended?

If you are new to Blackwork then I recommend 14ct aida. If you are an experienced stitcher then feel free to use your normal counted material.

What size material do I need?

The layout pdfs will tell you the more common count sizes on the front page. Please allow extra for a material border. If your count of material is not stated then the stitch count is also on the front page and be used in the Material Calculator.

If you are using any of the optional borders, the sizes and stitch counts are also on the front page of these pdfs.

How many strands of thread should I use - 1 seems really thin?

I recommend 1 strand of floss....it seems thin but just trust me.

Some people do prefer a thicker look though and if you prefer to use 2 strands then please do, this is your creation and you have to love it.

If you are doing the cross stitch/blackwork filler option then I recommend 2 strands for the cross stitches...Top tip: if you want to not keep swapping between 1 and 2 strands on your needle, then do your first / of the cross stitch, then do it again, and then do two \ with your 1 strand of floss.


The PDF is all in English, but I need another language

Unfortunately I am unable to cater for all languages, however there is a little known service, provided by google, which will allow you to upload a pdf and choose the language to translate it into. PleaseClick Hereto use this service.

Can I create my own layout and/or colours ?

ABSOLUTELY ! Part of the fun is seeing everyones creations


Are they Free?

Yes there are 2 Free Borders available

Where are they?

They are in the Members Area, Click on the Free Borders button.

I don't like the Free Borders are there other options?

You are welcome to create your own border/layout, or there are some other options available here

You can also choose to not add a border if you prefer.


Are they Free?


What are they?

These are the weekly sections released that you can then drop into your Layout.

Each week I will provide 2 options:

  • A Blackwork Only Version
  • A Blackwork and Cross Stitch Combination Version

You can choose either, do both on 2 layouts, or mix and match.

Where are they?

  1. Click on the SAL Members Area for the SAL.
  2. Click on the Weekly Fillers button

When are the weekly releases made available?

Every wednesday at 8:30am GMT both in the Members Area and on Facebook.

The Summary files are provided on the friday after the last wednesday of the month (the individual weekly files will then be removed the following Monday).

Are the Blackwork and Cross Stitch/Blackwork fillers all on the same file?

Yes they are, and you can do whichever you prefer, or both, or a mixture etc

I don't like this weeks provided filler - can I change it?

You can personalise fillers eg, add initals, dates etc, but if you change the actual fill itself then please obscure this in photos as I end up with lots of emails behind the scenes. People think there are alternatives, they have the wrong week etc. and they just cause confusion.

I missed a week, where can I find it to download it?

All of the fillers are in the Members Area - just click on the Weekly Fillers Button

All of the fillers are, at the end of the month, consolidated into Summary files - these can be found in both the Members area and the Files in the facebook group. These summary files are created on the first of the month after the last wednesday of the previous month. The individual weekly files are then removed on the 7th of every month.

Those who have purchased a Border will have access to the indidivual weekly files all year.

If you have not purchased a border, but would like access to the Weekly files that is available here.

Can the files be emailed to me?

I am so sorry but due to the number of participants, this is not possible.