Peppermint Purple is the home of the original "free year-long Blackwork SAL", and in 2024, once again, I will be running another.....the 5th one !

This SAL will run for the year with sections being released every Wednesday at 8:30am gmt both here on the website (in the Members area) and on facebook.

There are two free layouts to choose from, and two borders free too.

Each week there will be a choice of 'Blackwork' or 'Blackwork & Cross Stitch Combination' fillers, and you can do either, both or mix and match.

And if you don't like either of the Free Layouts, then there are plenty of others to choose from:


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What are Peppermint Purple Sals

Peppermint Purple SALS (shorthand for Stitch-A-Longs) are FREE (yes FREE!) year long sewing projects, with participants all over the world.

There are currently over 42,000 participants (both on facebook and here on the website).

How do they work

At the beginning of the project I release the Layout Files which will tell you the dimensions and colours and which explain what section goes where.

I will then release a section every week (on wednesdays at 8:30GMT) - both here on the website and in the facebook group.

What supplies will I need?

You will need to provide

  • Material
  • Needle
  • Threads

The material dimensions and thread colours will be provided on the layout file. (you can choose your own colours though if you prefer)

How do I join?

You can participate by joining the Members Area here on the website or the Facebook group.


To join the SAL here on the website please Click Here. Once you are then on the Welcome Page you can click the red button to Request Access.


This is the best place to benefit from the social side of the SAL as others can help answer any questions and share their progress throughout the project.

Join the Facebook Group

Once you have joined the group, please pop to the Group Files to download the Layouts, and any files to date.

Summary of Instructions

  1. Request access to the 2024 Members Area (click Here then click on Request 2024 Access) or join the facebook group.
  2. Once you have access to either, pick a Layout and download the PDF
  3. Gather your supplies
  4. Come back each week for the weekly fillers (they are released at 8:30am gmt every Wednesday, both here in the Members Area and in the facebook group)


If you are not keen on the two free layouts, or are after something a 'bit more special' then there are other optional laytous available.