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Books Daily Temperature Chart

Books Daily Temperature Chart

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This is a gorgeous chart which is a lovely way to represent your favourite areas daily temperatures. There are different book heights and colours which provides not only a colour representation of your temperatures, but also each book effectively creates a bar chart.

Each 'shelf' represents a month; January-December (Jan at the top) but you can move the months around should you wish to start mid-year as all the 'shelves' are the same size, you will just need to use the corresponding month on the layout file to achieve the correct number of days.

You will receive:

  • The full chart layout with 365 marked sections and an additional section marked for leap years, one for each book.
  • Instructions on where, and how to find your areas temperatures (both Celsius and Fahrenheit)
  • Instructions on how to create you own 15 section key for your areas daily temperature range so that you get to use all books on the chart
  • Instructions on how to calculate your material
  • Instructions on how to stitch blackwork
  • A record sheet for your daily temperatures
  • You will also receive an email with a code on it, for exclusive access to the 'Peppermint Purple Temperature Chart' dedicated facebook group (if you are on facebook) to join in with others to see their progress, and should you need any help with the chart



Stitches 145 W x 261 H

On 14 count this measures: 10.36x18.65 Inches (26.31x47.36cm)
On 16 count this measures: 9.07x16.32 Inches (23.02x41.44cm)
On 18 count this measures: 8.06x14.5 Inches (20.47x36.83cm)
On 20 count this measures: 7.25x13.05 Inches (18.42x33.15cm)
On 22 count this measures: 6.6x11.87 Inches (16.75x30.14cm)

Floss used in the Blackwork pattern : DMC 17 colours


The Bell Pulls shown on image 5 are available on Kits,Bits and Bobs and this design fits them if stitched on 16ct.

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