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Cross Stitch Inspirational Posters

Cross Stitch Inspirational Posters

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ALL 9 designs shown are contained in this pattern.


Each design is shown displayed in a 9" x 7" frame on 14ct.

The designs are all 98 stitches wide and I recommend material measuring 98 x 126 (but don't forget your border allowance)

On 14 count this measures: 7x9 Inches (17.5x22.5cm)
On 18 count this measures: 5.45x7 Inches (13.62x17.5cm)
On 20 count this measures: 4.9x6.3 Inches (12.25x15.75cm)
On 22 count this measures: 4.46x5.73 Inches (11.14x14.32cm)

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