Dutch Tiles Stitch-A-Long - Peppermint Purple
Dutch Tiles Stitch-A-Long - Peppermint Purple

Dutch Tiles Stitch-A-Long

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This was an 8 part SAL which has now finished, but the chart is now available in full.

I had a lot of requests for a non-floral version of my Dutch Tiles, and so this is it!


The whole design is : 159 x 159 stitches (each  tile is 38 x 38 stitches)

On 14 count this measures: 11.36x11.36 Inches (28.4x28.4cm) of Aida
On 16 count this measures: 9.94x9.94 Inches (24.85x24.85cm) of Aida
On 18 count this measures: 8.84x8.84 Inches (22.09x22.09cm) of Aida
On 20 count this measures: 7.95x7.95 Inches (19.88x19.88cm) of Aida

Part 1 contains the Layout, and 2 tiles, and each further part contains 2 more tiles.


This SAL uses 1 colour. I have used dmc 158, but you can choose your own if you prefer. I recommend you have 3 skiens available for this chart (The estimate is less than this, however estimates are very dependant on the material count, tension and path taken to stitch)


The stitches are all whole backstitch - there are no fractionals 


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