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Egg Wreath

Egg Wreath

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This was originally a 4 part SAL but is now available in its entirety


The whole design is : 123  x 124  stitches

On 14 count this measures: 8.79x8.86 Inches (22.32x22.5cm)
On 16 count this measures: 7.69x7.75 Inches (19.53x19.69cm)
On 18 count this measures: 6.84x6.89 Inches (17.36x17.5cm)
On 20 count this measures: 6.15x6.2 Inches (15.63x15.75cm)
On 22 count this measures: 5.6x5.64 Inches (14.21x14.32cm)



The Easter design uses 23 colours

The Chicken design uses 25 colours


Easter: There are no fractional back stitches. There are fractional cross stitches on the lettering

Chicken: There are no fractional stitches, just full cross stitches and backstitch.


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