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Four Seasons

Four Seasons

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This is a collection of designs each depicting a season.

  • Spring has flower buds, mini watering cans and gardening tools and lots of lovely floral elements.
  • Summer has Butterflies and bugs and more floral elements.*
  • Autumn has lots of leaves and some lovely acorn details
  • Winter has snowflakes, mini christmas trees, Woolly hat, mittens and cup of hot chocolate*

* The Southern Hemisphere version has Christmas Trees in Summer and not in Winter.

These are all the same size as my Study In Colour designs and each season is 116 stitches square.


On 14 count each Season measures: 8.29x8.29 Inches (20.72x20.72cm) of Aida
On 16 count each Season measures: 7.25x7.25 Inches (18.13x18.13cm) of Aida
On 18 count each Season measures: 6.45x6.45 Inches (16.12x16.12cm) of Aida
On 20 count each Season measures: 5.8x5.8 Inches (14.5x14.5cm) of Aida

Each Season uses 1 colour

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This design does not contain any fractional stitches

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