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Grey Green Bookmarks

Grey Green Bookmarks

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Gorgeous Blackwork and Cross Stitch combination bookmarks, which can also be displayed as a triptique.



Full Picture Stitches: 104x105 or Each Bookmark is 105x30 stitches
On 14 count this measures: 7.43x7.5 Inches (18.58x18.75cm) of Aida (Bookmark is 7.5”x2.14”)
On 16 count this measures: 6.5x6.57 Inches (16.25x16.41cm) of Aida(Bookmark is 6.6”x1.88”)
On 18 count this measures: 5.78x5.84 Inches (14.45x14.59cm) of Aida (Bookmark is 5.4”x1.67”)
On 20 count this measures: 5.2x5.25 Inches (13x13.13cm) of Aida (Bookmark is 5.25”x1.5”)

2 Colours

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