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Pocket Hug Biscornu

Pocket Hug Biscornu

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When I put together the pdf for my Floral Biscornu, I added a few ideas of what they can be used for and one of those ideas was a "Pocket Hug". I then thought it would be lovely to include this sentiment on the biscornu itself.

Give a "Pocket Hug" to someone for them to pop in their bag/purse/pocket to remind them that you care, or for a school child to pop in their school bag if they are anxious about school as a reminder when they see it that someone loves them and everything will be ok. You could even add some dried flowers for scent, or, a filling that can be microwaved to create a hand warmer which would be great for walking to school too (details of fillings for these are all on the pdf).

So here is my Pocket Hug Biscornu, with the wording 'A hug from me to you' on one side and 'Love you' on the other. Having stitched it I thought it also might be nice to have all the writing the same way up, so there is also an option for that in the pattern too.


Stitches 48 W x 48 H

On 14 count this will create a: 3.43"(8.58cm) Biscornu
On 16 count this will create a: 3"(7.5cm) Biscornu
On 18 count this will create a: 2.67"(6.67cm) Biscornu
On 20 count this will create a: 2.4"(6cm) Biscornu
On 22 count this will create a: 2.19"(5.46cm) Biscornu

Floss used in the Blackwork pattern : DMC 3 colours

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