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Stitching Journal - Instant Download

Stitching Journal - Instant Download

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Anyone feeling disorganised with their stitching ? Buying patterns you already have? Not knowing what fabric you have to hand or where you bought it ?

Then this Stitching Journal is perfect for you.

It contains:

  • A front Cover
  • Project Record
  • Chart Inventory
  • Fabric Inventory
  • SAL Tracker
  • WIP Tracker
  • Shopping List
  • Wish List
  • Binder Tabs (so you can create your own tabs to make your binder look amazing; photo instructions provided)

It comes in 4 gorgeous colours, Purple, Pink, Green or Blue, and you can choose from A4, A5 and USA Letter sizes.  (A5 is to be printed on a4 and has 2 copies of each sheet a5 size, on one a4 sheet)

You will receive a pdf with 10 pages (9 for the a5 version as the front cover and binders are both on one a4 page) so you can cherry pick which pages you wish to print when you need more to add to your binder.

Please note that A4 and A5 have UK spellings eg. colour
USA Letter has US spellings eg. color
USA English has USA Letter page size with English spelling
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Please note this listing is for an INSTANT DOWNLOAD pattern only!

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