Trifold Aperture Cards - A Blackwork Pattern by Peppermint Purple

Trifold Aperture Cards

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These are lovely Trifold aperture cards in a royal blue colour, complete with a white envelope. They also come in their own self-adhesive cello bag so are perfect if you are planning to sell your cards.

The Trifold means that the card itself will cover the back of your stitching, you just need to use double sided sticky tape around the edge to secure.

The Card is 5.7" (14.5cm)

Envelope is 6" (15.25cm)

The aperture is 3.8" (9.6cm)

Each pack contains 1 card & envelope

These cards will fit: Any of the tiles in my Dutch Tiles, or Turkish Tiles, and any of my coaster designs on 14ct (or 28 over 2). They will obviously also fit higher counts, just with more of a material border.


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