2024 SAL -  Weekly Files - Free with Border

2024 SAL - Weekly Files - Free with Border

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If you do not wish to Purchase a border please  Click Here to purchase access to just the files


Each week, as part of the 2024 SAL a 'filler' to slot into the 2024 layouts will be released;

These are provided FREE in the form of a one page PDF file.

On the 1st of every month, the previous months fillers will be released in a Monthly Summary file. ie/ The January Summary file will be released on the 1st February.

A week after the Summary file has been released, the individual weekly pdfs for those weeks will be removed from the Members Area and Facebook ie/ on the 7th of every month.

The monthly summary files will be available throughout the SAL and so YOU DO NOT NEED TO PURCHASE THIS. The SAL is always able to be done 100% for FREE.

Some stitchers, however, prefer to have the Weekly Pdfs and not the monthly summary, and if this is you, then purchasing this will open the Full set of files for you in the Members Area.

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